Skin Cancer Detected and Cured



Patients Presenting Concern:

In 2014 I had woman come in for a mole that she was concerned about, and she felt it was changing.  I did an entire skin check on her.  The mole that she actually came in for I was not concerned about. 



However, there was a mole on her right shoulder that was atypical and concerned me.  There are certain attributes you look for when evaluating for malignancy.  Formally known as the ABCs for skin cancer.

This includes Asymmetry, Border irregularity, Color, and Diameter.  The mole I was concerned about had 2 of the ABCs.


Treatment Plan:

I did what is called a punch biopsy on the mole.  It came back from the pathologist as a Malignant Melanoma.  Which is the most aggressive form of skin cancer.  I referred her to a dermatologist. 


Client's Thoughts:


Provider's Thoughts:

The referring dermatologist,  did a large excision and was able to completely remove all cancerous cells.  She is considered completely cured.

Our yearly wellness exam includes a head to toe skin check, and we strongly recommend this for all our patients.


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