07-Nov-2015 | Jennifer Fletcher

Do you wanna take weight off quickly. I can't think of a better way then jogging/running. Running is hard, for everyone. Each year when I start my triathalon training, the restart of my running is difficult. Patients often tell me "its easy for you, you're a runner". Its not easy for me! I usually start with only running a mile or two and gradually work up to 6-7 miles, but it takes weeks to get there. If you "are not a runner", I recommend jogging for maybe 30 seconds followed by walking for 1-2 minutes, depending on your stamina. Gradually increase the jogging to a minute-then 2 minutes-etc. Be patient and don't give up. Soon you will be jogging for 10 min and maybe taking a 2 minute break per mile. One of my patients who walked/jogged 4 miles every day for 1 month and lost 30 lbs. YOU CAN DO IT!!! Posted below Jessie LaPlante, ARNP


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