My Ironman Journey -- Recovery Week

09-Apr-2015 | Jessica L. LaPlante

Recovery Week!

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This week in ironman training is a "recovery week". That means a slight decrease in quantity and intensity of training hours to let my body prepare for the pressures of the upcoming weeks. In each of the last three weeks, I have trained for 12-15 hours including 2.5+ miles in the pool, 100+ miles on the bike, and 20+ miles in my sneakers. My aching muscles definitely were ready for a break! In addition to lightening my training schedule, I utilize active recovery techniques such as massage and chiropractics. Some of my local favorites include; Dr. Tom and Dr. Joe at Tessendorf Chiropractics, the "human body mechanic" Brian Sanders at Thumbs Up!, and sports massage therapist Tracy Nowoj at Got Knots?


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