My Ironman Journey -- Race Week!

23-Jun-2015 | Jessica L. LaPlante

Ironman CDA 2015

This is it! Ironman CDA is less than one week away and I am so excited! Other than a few short swims/rides/runs, all my training is done. Now I am just resting and hydrating. Honestly, my anxiety level is climbing a little as I watch the predicted weather forecast for Sunday, June 28. When I checked a few days ago, the prediction was 98, but it has climbed to the the current predicted forecast of 107! Of course, that's just a prediction, and anything can happen come race day. I am writing this blog while sitting in a sauna as a last minute effort to acclimatize. Regardless of the weather, my strategy for the day is simple; Just start swimming!

If you are downtown CDA on June 28, look for me on the bike and the run in my Active Family Healthcare jersey as seen above. If you are somewhere else, you can follow me and all the other Ironman athletes online with the live tracker. On race day, go to, select "live coverage" at the top of the page and Ironman CDA. Next, select "athlete tracker" and enter my last name or my bib number; 531.

Follow Me On My Ironman Journey on Sunday!


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