My Ironman Journey -- Lifelong

12-May-2015 | Jessica L. LaPlante

Ironman Training; Exercise Across the Lifespan!

Every Monday morning, I take a break from outdoor training. I swim 1.5 miles in the PEAK pool, then I take a spin class with my mom. Exercising with a friend or family member really helps to alleviate the boredom and monotony of training alone. It also helps to keep me accountable and push me to work harder. Especially training with my mom! Don't let her sweet appearance fool you, she is tough! At 66, she still slalom waterskis on twin lakes, briskly hikes tubs hill, and can ride her bike around Hayden Lake. When she was in her 50s she took 10th in Bloomsday for her age group. She has made a life long commitment to routinely exercising and eating healthy, and it has paid off! She is in great shape and can run circles around people half her age!

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