My Ironman Journey -- Final Month

03-Jun-2015 | Jessica L. LaPlante

Ironman Training: The FINAL Month!

and intensity of my training sessions will peak over the next week or two, and I will "taper down" until race day.

I have had a few full length (2.4 mile) swims in lake Cda. The mild winter and spring have made for some warm water, but the wind today still caused some choppy conditions.

I have made my way around the bike course (112 miles) 3 times and intend to do one more before race day. Although it never gets easy, I am completing it with just a little less struggle each time.

I had my longest training run (about 20 miles) a few days ago. Although I may love running now, that was not always the case. Last year, when I posted on Facebook that I was a few days away from attempting my first ironman, my college softball coach responded, "Ironman? You complained when I made you run two laps around the softball field back in college!" And I will admit it, I did! I also remember one of my old college teammates commenting regarding Ironman CDA "I could see you doing something like that." "Not me!" I laughed," I'm not that crazy!"

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