Do You Suffer from Chronic Constipation?

31-Dec-2014 |

Do you suffer from Chronic Constipation?

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You should always consult with a health care provider first, as you may need certain diagnostic tests such as a colonoscopy and/or blood work.

In general these are things that I have found

to be helpful for a healthy bowel program:

- Drinking greater than 8 glasses (10-12 oz) water daily

- High fiber diet (25-30 grams of fiber daily). You can Google grams of fiber in foods.

- Eating greater than or equal to 6 fruits/veggies daily

- Drinking 1 scoop of Citrucil (less gas producing) or Metamucil daily, sugar free.

- In my experience with patients the drinking version works better than chewing tablets.

- Magnesium 250-400 mg daily. This vitamin stimulates peristalsis, or gut movement.

- Colace 100 mg daily, stool softener.

If doing things natural doesn’t help then there are medications that are approved for Chronic Constipation (i.e.. Linzess, Amitiza)

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