Concussion Update Sports Medicine

24-Jan-2016 | Jennifer Fletcher

The most common sports to get a concussion in is football, soccer and basketball. Actually girls/women tend to have higher rate of concussions in soccer and basketball. Experts believe that when girls “head” the ball in soccer, they whip their heads back to front and this whipping motion causes concussion, rather than the actual head hitting the ball. I find this very interesting. In basketball the concussion rate is higher in girls also. When boys fall the tend to bend their knees and go straight down where as girls fall backwards and hit the back of their heads on the ground/floor. In football, there is a new helmet coming on the market that offers incredible protection, but certainly there will still be concussions in Football. Educate our youth about not whipping their heads when "heading" a soccer ball, avoid falling backwards in sports, and invest in the helmets that protect you/them the best. ~ Information obtained at the 2016 Sports Medicine Conference Providence Medical Center.






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