But It's Easy For You, Jen

06-Jun-2016 | Jennifer Fletcher

"It's easy for you, Jen."

If I had a quarter for every patient that has told me that exercise and staying fit is “easy for you Jen,” I would have a bucket of change. For some reason, I guess because I am thin and appear fit, patients think that I don’t have to work at it.


If I didn’t exercise and watch my diet, I would certainly be overweight. It’s not like I have some superior genetic make up that makes me stay fit without hard work and dedication. I go through the same struggles that everyone else goes through. When I start running in the early spring to get ready for triathlon season, my legs feel like lead and my lungs feel like I have emphysema. Exercise isn’t easy and that’s why so many don’t do it.

When my alarm clock goes off at 5:30 am to exercise, I dread it. I try to find any valid excuse to stay in bed. But, my aspiration to continue to be an athlete and be fit over-ride my lazy temptation to stay in bed, and I get up and put on those running shoes.

To be successful exercisers and meet your goals, I strongly recommend you schedule your exercise and then, “just do it”. The rewards you'll receive, will certainly outweigh anything you would gain by taking the lazy road.

So, set a goal of doing a race or event - (in fact, check out Run for 271 - we're sponsors) that way you have aspiration to keep you heading in the right direction and turning that “snooze” off.

Bookmark the AFHC blog to follow my journey to the Coeur d'Alene Half-Ironman coming up Sunday, June 26th or give us a "like" and turn on notifications at the Active Family Healthcare Facebook page to keep up.

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